Monday, May 28, 2012

Headband Upcycle

I love headbands. I hardly ever leave the house without one on. I always check Dollar Tree for new ones and Claire's if I am at the mall. I like to take cheap ones from the Dollar Tree and cover them with pretty fabric. I should really make a headband display, something for when I eat my oatmeal. In any case, I had one from Claire's that was one of my favorites. It was a metal butterfly attached to a thin headband. I think what happened to it was it got under some of the things in the back of the car and the solder came loose. SADNESS when I found it. :*(

At that time I did not have a solder tool so I didn't keep the metal band part. I kept the butterfly for years. Then I saw this :

saved to remind myself to make this
It doesn't link to the necklace anymore, but I am going to use my butterfly to make a simpler version of this.

Here is what I came up with :

The picture is an air whale my husband drew for me. I hope everything likes it (the necklace and the air whale). I sure do. The beads came from Fire Mountain Gems, the turquoise is three strands for $3 (and I used less than one strand). The clear beads were sold as "links" and I think for a package of two different sizes it was $.90. Certainly a cheap project. Before you throw something away, think if you can make something from it.

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