Saturday, May 26, 2012

Button Rings

I made these after seeing this post

However, I did not get the "bling" buttons since they were uber expensive even with the sales and the coupon (like $10 for one button). I think this is more my style. I hope that Sara likes hers. This was a simple craft. However, I do recommend snapping the shank off of the button over a bag. With the first button I did not realize that the button was in two parts so when I snapped the shank off the pearly part went flying and I had to get Christopher to help me find it. The second button I snapped over a bag and that went a lot better, LOL. The tip about the rice is a good one. In case you were wondering, I got the small bowl in a package of three at the Dollar Tree. Make sure you get a good glue like E6000. It is sold in any craft store.

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