Friday, May 25, 2012

Button Pendant

I made this 

after seeing this

I love it. It was really fun to make. I used a square perfume bottle to make the shape. It looked like a TV because it had two ends like antenna and I exclaimed this to my husband as I showed it to him. "It looks like a TV!". He laughed and laughed about it because he said I was already saying a bunch of random things and that just took the cake.

"I'm not random I just have many thoughts".....


Any who.....

The smaller button is pink and not metallic at all...this flash on this camera is no joke. 
Joann's was having a sale on pretty much everything and I had a coupon so I picked up a few extra items. Fun times. As you can see I forgot to pick up a chain (oops) so I am making due with this pink ribbon that I found in my stash. Speaking of buttons, I have another button craft up my sleeve but that is for tomorrow kids.

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