Thursday, May 31, 2012

Book Page Necklace and meet Shelly

Shelly is my necklace display. I made her using this tutorial from Shealynn's Faire Shoppe
It is hard to believe that she is made from a Cheerios box. I have a lot of sheet music paper so that is what I covered Shelly with but use whatever you have on hand.
The necklace displayed is one my favorites and the quote is from The Dark Tower by Stephen King. Here is the blog that has the tutorial from Adrianne of Happy Hour Projects I liked mine without the charm so I left it plain. I didn't want to cut up a book that I loved so I typed out the quote and printed it out. I also stained the paper using coffee. In case you are wondering, I got the frame and the necklace from Hobby Lobby.

Earrings from My Girlish Whims

These were made from an assortment of items that I already had on hand. The stars are hematite. The ones with washers were made with the smallest washers in a package from the Dollar Tree. The purple hearts are glass. I made these using this tutorial from Rebecca of My Girlish Whims They are fun to make and you can make them with a variety of beads and items as you can see.

Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Safety Pin Earrings

These were simple simple, and you more than likely have everything on hand to make them. Chris always chuckles when he sees them. I even had close to the same beads that she uses.  These are somehow punk and dainty at the same time.

Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Meet Violet!

Isn't she adorable? She has sisters but I have given almost all of them away. I used scrap fabrics to make her clothes, teddy bear and her blanket and mattress. She is made from a new pair of socks. She was very easy to make. The bed is a spray painted clementine crate. I got four of them from the same nice woman on Freecycle. Do I like purple? Why yes I do.

This is how I made the hair
This is the tutorial for making the doll

All that glitters

Is not gold. Sometimes it is paper. I painted a paper bag copper with acrylic paint and made them into beads. Here is the tutorial

 Here is a simple necklace I made from seed beads and paper beads.

This is a necklace I made using seed beads, glass heart beads, a toy snake, jump rings and paper beads. I made this after watching this video from Kim over at Twisted Crafts. 

Paper Bag Jewelry?

What the what? Yeah you really did read that right....Take a look! The bird and the dragonfly are made from paper bags.

Still don't believe me? Check out the tutorials.

Check back tomorrow for more paper bag crafty-ness.

Jewelry Displays and a Perfume Display

Hi guys, I made these after seeing various blogs making their own. With the perfume display, that is simply a spice rack spray painted cream. I got it free from a nice gentleman on Freecycle. And speaking of Freecycle, I also got the frames for free from a very nice lady. Check it out. I got Chris to paint on the wisteria (my favorite flower) for me. The earring display is an empty frame with some extra screen I had around the house stapled to the back. The necklace display is a piece of foam board cut to size and the jewelry is held in place with push pins. Who else thinks that I need another necklace display? LOL :o) My favorite color is purple in case you can't tell ;O)

Monday, May 28, 2012

Headband Upcycle

I love headbands. I hardly ever leave the house without one on. I always check Dollar Tree for new ones and Claire's if I am at the mall. I like to take cheap ones from the Dollar Tree and cover them with pretty fabric. I should really make a headband display, something for when I eat my oatmeal. In any case, I had one from Claire's that was one of my favorites. It was a metal butterfly attached to a thin headband. I think what happened to it was it got under some of the things in the back of the car and the solder came loose. SADNESS when I found it. :*(

At that time I did not have a solder tool so I didn't keep the metal band part. I kept the butterfly for years. Then I saw this :

saved to remind myself to make this
It doesn't link to the necklace anymore, but I am going to use my butterfly to make a simpler version of this.

Here is what I came up with :

The picture is an air whale my husband drew for me. I hope everything likes it (the necklace and the air whale). I sure do. The beads came from Fire Mountain Gems, the turquoise is three strands for $3 (and I used less than one strand). The clear beads were sold as "links" and I think for a package of two different sizes it was $.90. Certainly a cheap project. Before you throw something away, think if you can make something from it.

Twisty Bracelet

I made this

after seeing this:

This started with the unakite (the green stone) bracelet that I never wear. I then strung the wooden beads, the clear plastic beads and the metallic bugle beads on their own strands, making a loop on the Acculon and crimping it. Connect with a jump ring to each end and twist as directed in instructions. This is an easy to make bracelet and I like how it turned out. I just happened to have all of these items on hand. If you make a lot of jewelry I am sure that you will have something that will work for you.

Sunday, May 27, 2012

Shinky Dink Bracelet from Rust & Sunshine

I made this after seeing this post. I have meaning to make shrinky dinks for a while now. This was a fun, easy and cheap project . If you don't want to purchase something from the bakery/deli, politely ask them for containers. Make sure they are #6 plastic. I ended up getting two smaller ones (like the ones they place a single slice of cake or a small sandwich in) since they were out of the larger size they place cookies in. I randomly scribbled on the containers once cut out in purple and pink sharpies but use your faves. I then cut each piece into four and rounded the corners and hole punched as directed. Preheat your oven to 250 degrees F. Place the plastic on a wax paper covered cookie sheet. Make sure you watch the plastic as it curls and then flattens very quickly in the oven. If I make another one I may draw flowers on each rectangle or even make a heart shaped pendant.

Saturday, May 26, 2012

Button Rings

I made these after seeing this post

However, I did not get the "bling" buttons since they were uber expensive even with the sales and the coupon (like $10 for one button). I think this is more my style. I hope that Sara likes hers. This was a simple craft. However, I do recommend snapping the shank off of the button over a bag. With the first button I did not realize that the button was in two parts so when I snapped the shank off the pearly part went flying and I had to get Christopher to help me find it. The second button I snapped over a bag and that went a lot better, LOL. The tip about the rice is a good one. In case you were wondering, I got the small bowl in a package of three at the Dollar Tree. Make sure you get a good glue like E6000. It is sold in any craft store.

Friday, May 25, 2012

Button Pendant

I made this 

after seeing this

I love it. It was really fun to make. I used a square perfume bottle to make the shape. It looked like a TV because it had two ends like antenna and I exclaimed this to my husband as I showed it to him. "It looks like a TV!". He laughed and laughed about it because he said I was already saying a bunch of random things and that just took the cake.

"I'm not random I just have many thoughts".....


Any who.....

The smaller button is pink and not metallic at all...this flash on this camera is no joke. 
Joann's was having a sale on pretty much everything and I had a coupon so I picked up a few extra items. Fun times. As you can see I forgot to pick up a chain (oops) so I am making due with this pink ribbon that I found in my stash. Speaking of buttons, I have another button craft up my sleeve but that is for tomorrow kids.

Ribbon Roll Bracelets

I am sure that you have seen these before, but in case you haven't.......

Start with one of these.

Remove these and recycle.

You are left with this, make sure it will fit you before you proceed. In my case I used a larger ribbon roll than pictured.

Cover with scrap fabric or ribbon. I use hot glue.

Wear your bracelets and have your friends oooh and ahh.

Thursday, May 24, 2012

Willy Nilly Bracelet from Flamingo Toes

Here are two more bracelets I have made using a tutorial from Bev at Flamingo Toes.
I didn't do the ring of beads around mine, that is the only thing that I did differently. I loved this project because it was simple to make and I just happened to have everything on hand (and it looks awesome).

Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Button Earrings

I made these after seeing another great tutorial from Disney of Ruffles and Stuff.

It starts with these awesome buttons from my stash that I actually saw and put back, but Chris said I had to have them since they were "so you". They came in a pack with some glitter skulls and hearts. I haven't decided what to do with those yet.....

I decided at the last minute to make one of the skulls into a necklace.