Monday, May 21, 2012

Gift Bag from a box

I know what you are saying "Make my own gift bag? That is just crazy when I can just buy one!" I used to think the same thing until one of them fell apart. I always make them now. I always have gift wrap on hand, jute or ribbon, hole punch, tape and if you want you can even use newspaper. All you need is a box. If you are giving a large present, use a 20 count box of pop. These are very sturdy. Either cut or rip off the top flaps. Wrap like a present. Tape excess amount of paper into box. Now hole punch where you want your handles, attach jute string or ribbon (I use the polyester ribbon and not curling ribbons, but use whatever you like). Embellish as desired. Sometimes I add fake flowers. Voila! For small presents like jewelry, I like to use empty Jello boxes. Here is the link of where I got the idea from.
Here is one I made for this upcoming Christmas for my mom.

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