Sunday, July 29, 2012

Heart Earrings from Oksana

I love these earrings SO MUCH! I sent my mom this picture to see if she would like a pair. I just happened to have everything on hand,  and these go together quickly. This is another great tutorial from Oksana. Click here for the tutorial

Brooch Bracelet

Check out this bracelet I just made. I love it. My skin is pale, even though I go into the sun. At least I don't sparkle ;)

I bet you have everything to make it. You need beads (I used what I had on hand, some purple Czech beads, metallic plastic beads and glass pearls), a brooch and stretchy stringing material and maybe some glue. I am about to make another one, I love this one so much! I had these brooches that my mom gave me and used one of them (so far) to make a bracelet I will wear often. Here is the tutorial from the talented Oskana B, this girl is amazing. 

Friday, July 27, 2012

Pick Your Plum Contest Winner

I love winning things, and I enter lots of contests. A lot of times when you win, you get items that you would like to have, but haven't bought yet. This is the case with my winnings from Pick Your Plum hosted by The Answer is Chocolate. Check out what I got :) SQUEAL! I have been wanting buttons, bottlecaps, thread, hair clippies, cabochons (stay tuned for a bracelet with these), I can always use ribbon, love those cupcake liners. I am thinking about giving away the earrings since big earrings don't look good on me, the pearl necklace and the puzzle. I haven't ever used washi tape. A very nice haul indeed. Check out Pick Your Plum for lots of  daily cool items!

Kool Aid Yarn dyeing

I was actually trying to locate a green Kool Aid flavor, but the two stores that I went to did not have any. So I settled for Cherry that I already had at the house. My wool yarn that I got from Goodwill was yellow but I read this does not matter as long as it is a light color, it will overdye. BTW, this is Cool Splashers brand so it doesn't need to be name brand.

Overdye it did.

As you can see, it has some places where it is still yellow, but I don't mind.

My question is, who wore it better? LOL. Before you feel bad for Durn, know he got some treats for this shot. Good kitty  =^^=

To make your own dyed wool or other natural fiber yarn, following these instructions at Knitty.

Thursday, July 26, 2012

Ribbon Bracelet

I made this today in a very little amount of time for free. My favorite thing. I had everything on hand to make these in my stash and my ribbon that I had is even similar to Jutta's.

 I would like to point out our model's vintage hair, made with Honeybun yarn that I got from Goodwill. Trippy!

Bought from Ames! Wow what an awesome price.

Tobacco color? What the what?

To make your own bracelet, click the link.

Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Baby's got a brand new bed

I made these with upcycled blankets, cloth I had on hand, clementine crates and Valspar Spray Paint in Exotic Sea (available at any Lowe's). I made a simple mattress with cloth, buttons and polyfil.

Bipolar Dolls

Here are my dolls. I call them my Bipolar dolls. I call them this because even though they are made from the same socks, they are different in how they look and their emotions. The last two sets were made for my friend Melanie, who said "I need these dolls in my life". Use the larger sizes for bigger dolls, smaller sizes for smaller dolls. I got the socks for $1 (3 pack) at the Dollar Tree and that makes two dolls. I got the "pattern" to make these from this website

I just used items on hand to make their hair/faces. I am making beds for some of them out of clementine crates. Updates soon!

Saturday, July 14, 2012

Arizona Tea Earrings and a Necklace

I made these using a scalloped punch that I got from Michael's for 40% off. I used my coupon for 50% off on the chains that I got for the necklace and the bracelet. The bead are crackle glass beads that I got a while back from Fire Mountain Gems. The necklace and earrings have two sides, I glued the pieces together using Loctite for cement and metal and clamped them. The small hole punch can be bought at Michael's or Hobby Lobby.

Gypsy Bracelet

I made this bracelet from an Arizona Green Tea can. You can get them at 7-11 literally all day long for $.99 a can and you get a lot of tea, and plus it tastes good. I usually get a couple at a time. I got a 3/4" hole punch from Michael's today and they were 40% off so I got to use my 50% off coupon on something else. Chris calls it a Gypsy Bracelet because it is shiny and is made from metal disks that make a jingling sound. It is a really cool bracelet. I can't take credit for this, I saw it on Etsy from Sodacangirl

Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Heart Pendant with drop pearls

I have made this before but not in copper and not with pearls. The pearls came from a Christmas in July trade that I did with Amy from My Little One-Room Schoolhouse I think that I will make another one for me as this one is for my mom and there are plenty of these beautiful pearls left.

Monday, July 9, 2012

Christmas in July ornaments

Truth be told, I work on ornaments year round. I am always finding new ornaments to make and I love decorating my tree. I usually put my tree up after Halloween. Here is a picture of the tree from last year. I made the tree skirt too, and the little sock snowman. Here is how to make the snowmen and the Christmas Tree skirt in case you were interested.

I took out some ornaments to photograph for this post and my husband got worried that the tree was going up tonight O.o

Like these clothespin snowflakes I love her website, such beautiful things.

I painted them teal because I think that they will match my black Christmas tree and most of my ornaments on it are purple (my fave color). I need to get more clothespins, three doesn't seem like enough even though they are rather large and my tree is small. I set it on my dining room table to keep it away from my dog and cats.

I also made these right after Christmas, with my abundant supply of sheet music paper and some glass ornaments I picked up for $.50 a box at Dollar Tree (half off after Christmas). That cute little bell was made by a co-worker for me years ago. Here is the tutorial to make them

Here are some hot air balloon ornaments that I made, these were super fun to make. These take some ornaments that maybe you even have on hand and I used spray painted pop caps for my basket. I happened to have everything on hand except the paint for the caps. Here is the tutorial to make these

These are made from toilet paper rolls and pipe cleaners. Here is the tutorial to make those

These are popsicle sticks spray painted white and pony beads glued on.....These look better on the tree.

This is simply beads, buttons, flowers and leaves strung on wire. Here is the video tutorial for that one

Here is a Grinch ornament made from pipe cleaners, a pill bottle and cotton balls.

I made these with wood spools from Micheal's and embroidery floss.

These are made from the metal parts of the clothespins linked together. Here is how to make them

Here are some that I am planning to make, maybe with Peter Pan or another Disney/Pixar character/characters. 

Saturday, July 7, 2012

Christmas in July trade!

I did a craft trade hosted by Adrianne of Happy Hour Projects. I was paired up with Amy from My Little One Room Schoolhouse I made Peter Pan and Wendy necklaces since she likes thimbles. I also made a Peter Pan card and engraved her name on a wooden jewelry box and stained it. Sorry no pics.

I love everything that she made me, check it out. I can make some jewelry with the pearls.

I really enjoyed making and receiving my gifts, I will participate in more trades.

Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Turtle Necklace

"See the TURTLE of enormous girth
On his shell he holds the earth
If you want to run and play
Come along the BEAM today".

I love Stephen King, and Chris (my husband) is reading The Dark Tower series which I read a long time ago. This in an awesome series of books that connects all of his books and characters and is a story about Roland of Gilead and some companions that he picks up along the way and his/their quest for the Dark Tower. There is a sigul of a turtle in it and he says that it (this necklace) reminds me of it. This is just like this necklace, free form the turtle (or whatever shape you like). I would have made him green but I didn't even know I was going to make a turtle, I intended to make a star. Instead of piercing the turtle (which I couldn't do) I glued a jump ring to it with E6000. The paper beads are made from rose print tissue paper from the Dollar Tree.