Sunday, July 29, 2012

Brooch Bracelet

Check out this bracelet I just made. I love it. My skin is pale, even though I go into the sun. At least I don't sparkle ;)

I bet you have everything to make it. You need beads (I used what I had on hand, some purple Czech beads, metallic plastic beads and glass pearls), a brooch and stretchy stringing material and maybe some glue. I am about to make another one, I love this one so much! I had these brooches that my mom gave me and used one of them (so far) to make a bracelet I will wear often. Here is the tutorial from the talented Oskana B, this girl is amazing. 


  1. Hello Shannon! Glad you liked the bracelet and tut. Yours turned out perfect!

  2. Thanks Oksana :) You are awesome.