Saturday, August 11, 2012

Paper Bag Bead necklaces

I love these beads, they are fun to make and use whatever color acrylic paint you have...Here I have made them gold and copper.

Can you believe these were once lowly paper bags?

I use my Kraft-i Roller to make these with. I used items that I had on hand, the keys I bought on Etsy also.


  1. You made those beads out of paper bags?! The Random Acts of Craftiness Challenge is definitely for you! And I answered your question in the comments, but wanted to make sure you got the reply: you can use an assortment of games if you want! That could definitely be fun! :)

  2. Yes ma'am :)OOOH cool, that is awesome. I am trying to round up a bunch of games but I have an idea for Monopoly in case I can just get one game. Thanks for answering my question.